Quick oven eggs

eggs in the oven

Making eggs in the oven has never been so easy .

Have an oven baked egg quick and easy with this handy tip.

Dish Info

Serves: Various

Preparation Time: 2 mins

Eggs can either too over done or not healthy when fried. This is a nice balance and an easy way to cook eggs.

Cooking eggs in the oven is an alternative to frying them or poaching them. Vary the time you cook for to get a harder or softer egg.




Fry light cooking spray or oil


Make a dish out of foil by forming it over another bowl or small dish.

Spray the formed foil with fry light and then crack the egg in to it. For ease of getting the egg out you could put some greaseproof paper down too.

Pop the eggs in the oven at 200 degrees (or 180 if you have a fan oven) for just 8 minutes.

Hey presto, quick oven eggs!

Eggs cooked in the oven
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