Best BBQ pizza stone to use

best bbq pizza stone

We help you find the best BBQ pizza stone for your gas or charcoal BBQ. Getting a good pizza stone will increase the quality of the pizzas you make.

What is a pizza stone?

A pizza stone is a device you can place on or in a BBQ. It gets really hot and acts like the middle of a real pizza oven. The pizza oven would normally have a stone interior and be made of stone or brick walls to contain all the heat.

The fires of the coals would sit on one side of the pizza oven and make the whole pizza oven like a furnace. The pizza would then be loaded in to the pizza over and start cooking it.

Cooking times in a pizza over are normally around the 2 – 3 minute mark (sometimes as low as 90 seconds). This happens because the heat is all around the oven and cooking is nice and even.

best bbq pizza stone for a gas barbecue

Why do I need a pizza stone?

Similar to the above, we can recreate the effect of a pizza over on a gas bbq and even on a charcoal bbq by using a pizza stone.

The best BBQ pizza stone?

Well that is a tough call. We have a few we can choose from and they vary in cost so deciding on the best bbq pizza stone is not a quick and easy decision.

As I mostly use a Gas BBQ for my pizzas, I’m looking at the Weber Pizza Stone, a low end one and a high end one to decide on the best BBQ pizza stone to choose.

Weber Pizza Stone

Weber do their own official Pizza stone. This fits in amongst the Gourmet BBQ grill system is is made for Weber BBQ’s. As one of the leading providers with the most comprehensive range of products and services in the industry, today Weber is internationally synonymous with barbecuing innovation, perfect barbecue products and the ultimate barbecue experience. With offices in over 40 countries on all continents, we continue to promote the Weber BBQ culture around the world.

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High End Pizza Stone

So the higher end range normally retail around the £50 mark here in the UK. Something like the BeChef Pizza Stone Set includes a paddle and pizza cutter. It has a higher price tag but the extra bits are what gets it a place on the best BBQ pizza stone list.

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Lower End Pizza Stone

Well not necessarily low end or the best BBQ pizza stone, but not as expensive as the above but still good quality. This one from Amazon is a good low cost stone. I actually have two of these so I can do 2 pizzas at once.

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This way I can heat up my BBQ with the stones on them. Once they get to temperature then it is time to start cooking. To check everything is up to temperature you can use the built in Weber thermometer on the BBQ. Alternatively you can use an Inkbird Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer which allows you to see how the temperature is in the BBQ while not needing to be nearby. It’s a little bit lazy but having a thermometer with an alarm or alert is very useful when you have friends over to cook for.

Which BBQ pizza stone to choose?

Well in my opinion having more than one from this list of best BBQ pizza stone is key. I think buy a couple of what you can afford. I think this as cooking more than one pizza at a time is possible on a gas BBQ and therefore make the most of the space you have. A normal pizza oven will cook a pizza in 90 seconds, but only one at a time. This option will take about 5 – 8 minutes to cook a pizza, but you can do two at once so works out well.

Now you have the stones, get cooking with our BBQ recipes. Starting with the best simple pizza dough of course. Happy cooking.

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