Easy & Tasty BBQ Cheese Raclette

bbq cheese raclette

A taste to savour. BBQ cheese raclette is a Swiss tasty treat to enjoy a type of cheese fondue on the barbecue. How best to achieve this tasty treat? Use a Barbeclette for scrumptious raclette cheese.

What is a Barbeclette?

A Barbeclette is a utility to melt any good melting cheese on a barbecue to scrape it on to other food. The cheese can be oozed over the top, but you need to make sure you use a good raclette cheese.

bbq cheese raclette barbecue scraper

Tasty BBQ Cheese Raclette

Melt some cheese on a piece of homemade bread. How about melting it over a nice pork sandwich in a crusty roll? So many choices of where to melt cheese on to. How about some dough balls made from the simplest pizza dough recipe? Dip them in the melted cheese, or make the raclette and pour the cheese over the top.

The Barbeclette is a really simple tool but useful to have with your BBQ. Having a BBQ cheese raclette option at your party will give it that edge over other barbecues your friends have been to.

What kind of cheese do you use for BBQ raclette cheese?

Finding the best cheese for a BBQ cheese raclette dish is a fairly easy to do. The best sort of cheese to use is a swiss cheese, such as Gouda or Gruyère cheese. These are all good types of raclette cheese. There are lots of cheeses on Amazon which are specifically intended for raclette and these can be shipped to you directly.

How to make BBQ cheese raclette

Could not be simpler. Get your BBQ heating nicely up. You only need one burner going for this. Pop the BBQ Barbeclette raclette pan on the grill and get it warmed up.

Slice your bbq cheese raclette block into no more than 5mm slices and place them in the pan.

Let them melt. Once they are bubbling up, scrape it on to a plate or over your food you are looking to make even tastier. Enjoy while it’s hot!

BBQ raclette cheese melting in a barbeclette

“Once the cheese is bubbling and melting away, scrape the raclette cheese over a tasty snack of your choice”

Once the cheese is bubbling and ready, you can use the scraper tool that comes with the Barbeclette to move the cheese from your pan to the plate. Be careful to make sure you use a decent set of oven gloves or hand protection when moving the pan off as it may be hot if it has been directly over the heat when melting your raclette cheese.

How to clean a Barbeclette

When you come to need to clean your BBQ raclette pan, you will need to ensure it has cooled down fully first of all. Then once all cool, wipe away any excess fat, oil or raclette cheese which may have accumulated. At this point then make sure to wash the pan in warm soapy water and allow to dry fully before storing it away for the next time.

What cheese is the best for bbq raclette?

I find that Gouda works well for raclette. Never had any complaints.

What is raclette best served on?

bbq raclette cheese salad

Home made bread is one of the most tasty snacks I have had this with.

With a nice crisp salad and sharp onion, this makes a great addition to any barbecue with friends and family.

Did you make this recipe?

Leave me a comment and tell me how this recipe worked for you?

I’d love to know any ideas for types of bbq cheese raclette you have used and tried. Is there a favourite cheese you use with raclette? How many types of dishes have you made with the Barbeclette?

Extra top tip

The Barbeclette pan does not have to be used just for cheese. It is a nice small pan so is great for cooking dishes such as chorizo sausage, pepperoni and black pudding. Anything which is small scale and can be cooked on a bbq griddle pan can be cooked on a Barbeclette. You can even do quick BBQ eggs on it!

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