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I love to bbq and I love web design. I thought, why not combine the two and learn on the way….

Martin G aka “Dad What Cooks”

I love food, I eat it everyday..

All my recipes on here are my favourites. I love to try new things on the BBQ and also in the slow cooker. Food doesn’t have to be boring and making a few simple changes to a couple of ingredients can transform a dish.

I’m not a professional chef, I’m actually an IT guy. But I’m a dad what cooks (bad grammar I know but hey) and I love a BBQ. I have some good BBQ friends too whom I share recipes with but why not share with the world. Welcome to my site.

I was always a charcoal BBQ snob and failed to embrace a good gas grill. I felt cooking on gas was a cheats way of doing a bbq and never wanted to try. Until I caved in and got a gas grill. I opted for a Weber Genesis 2 and haven’t looked back.

This is a site of my favourite recipes I’ve found and either want to try or am going to try. I hope you can try too and share them with me.

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I try and post on here most weeks so keep an eye on the recipe link.